specialized Hair supplement

Haironik properties

Helping Hair Growth and Strength

جلوگیری از ریزش مو

Hair loss Prevention

حفظ رنگ و رطوبت مو

Maintaining Hair color & Moisture

رشد مجدد فولیکول مو

Hair Follicle Regrowth

Haironik feature

Hair loss Prevention

Haironik Specialized hair supplement prevent Hair-loss and stop 28 days due to its wonderful ingredients.

Help Hair regrowth

Zinc plays an essential role in Hair regrowth, Haironik contains 30mg of elemental zinc along with other nutrients needed by hair follicles.

Increasing Hair growth and thickness

One of the complaints of people is the thinning of the hair shaft, the hair that has a weak follicle is not definitely able to produce the Hair thickness, Haironik Specialized Hair Supplement is effective in increasing the thickness of the hair due to zinc, biotin, B5 and other compounds.

Helping Hair growth, strength and health

Nutrition, is one of the most important factors in maintaining the growth, strength and health of hair, Biotin and zinc are important factor that help hair be strength, freshness and shiny.

Strengthening Hair Follicles

To prevent hair loss and have healthy hair, must be taken care of hair follicle. Haironik specialized hair supplement helps to strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss.

Boost keratin production

Keratin is One of the main hair proteins responsible for hair strength and shine, The compounds used in Haironik supplement help to increase the Keratin production.

Maintaining natural Hair color

Hair Premature graying is one the concerns of many people, including women. nutrient deficiency such as zinc plays role in premature graying of hair, vitamin B5 is also effective in maintaining the natural hair color.

Maintaining hair moisture and shine

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid maintain hair moisture and shine by regulating sebaceous glands.

Haironik Benefits

Haironik specialized hair supplement due to its wonderful ingredients, helps to stop hair loss and hair regrowth; It also contains vitamins and minerals needed by hair, which play an important role in strengthening hair follicles.

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial

Hair loss prevention

Hair regrowth

hair graying prevention

Improve nail strengthen

Haironik Consumption Guide

Why Haironik is the best supplement for hair?

Health, shine, softness hair is among the characteristics of hair beauty. Having beautiful, healthy hair has a great effect on people’s self-confidence. Hair, like other parts of the body, needs maintenance and care. Genetic factors as well as some environmental factors affect the Hair growth.


One of the main factors affecting hair health is nutrition and vitamins and minerals intake. A person should have a proper diet that includes all food groups and all vitamins because the lack of any food or vitamin causes hair growth disorders or hair loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we must see what problem caused the hair loss to say whether it is possible to solve the problem of hair loss and even the possibility of hair regrowth by eliminating the underlying cause. This question is completely individual and should be answered after examining each person's hair.

Hair loss can also occur following the use of the medicine, which also stops after no longer taking them. In women, sometime after giving birth, they see hair loss, which lasts up to six months, and hair loss is reversible.

Although rotting hair follicles or thinning hair shafts cannot be completely prevented, there are strategies that can help you grow thicker hair, prevent hair loss, and actually help strengthen your hair.

The main and essential vitamins include vitamins A, C, D, E , K and B complex.

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